About Us

Our Vision

All Together Now’s vision is for an Australia that embraces cultural diversity essay conclusion example and is free from racism. We seek to achieve this by creating innovative, evidence-based and effective social marketing that is positive, provocative and courageous.

We use these tactics to achieve our mission:

      ·  raising awareness among Australian residents about different cultures, thereby breaking down misconceptions, busting stereotypes, and challenging xenophobia

      ·  increasing empathy among Australian residents towards people from different cultures, thereby lowering people’s biases against people from other cultures

      ·  educating Australian residents about how racism manifests and the effects it has on people subjected to it, thereby increasing personal accountability

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      ·  promoting values that underpin cultural diversity such as mutual respect, empathy, insight, compassion, dignity

      ·  empowering Australian residents to embrace their own culture/s without fear of prejudice or prosecution, thereby enabling people to understand the importance of culture

      ·  building positive social norms through the use of popular culture such as advertising and social media

      ·  measuring – and learning from – our work and sharing our evaluation with others

These tactics are based on a framework published in 2009 to reduce race-based discrimination in Australia. The framework is explained in the Building on our Strengths report by Yin Paradies at the University of Melbourne.

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